We accept many forms of dental insurance, please call us at (415)441-7766 to determine if we can help you and your family with your specific dental care plan.

We are not influenced by third parties such as insurance companies when determining the best course of treatment for your child. We coordinate your insurance benefits with your child's treatment plan and will help to maximize all insurance benefits that you have. As a convenience to you, our staff will assist you by processing your claims.

Families with dental insurance will be asked to provide insurance information such as your employer's name, insurance carrier, group number, insured's name and birth date, and dependent's names and birth dates etc when you call to make your appointment. From the information that you provide, our staff will verify your insurance eligibility and benefits as best we can before you arrive. Our staff will advise you of the estimated copayment for the first visit and will complete a written Financial Arrangement for any treatment needed after your child's examination has been completed. You will be required to pay your estimated co-payment portion the day that services are provided for your child.

Please remember that professional services are rendered and charged to the patient and not to the insurance company. Insurance reimbursement is a contract between you and your carrier. If your insurance carrier does not pay within 60 days, our office shall expect payment in full from you.

Our office cannot accept responsibility for collection of insurance claims or for negotiating a disputed claim with your insurance company. Your eventual reimbursement will be determined by your insurance carrier and it's contract with your employer.

Remember that you, and not your insurance carrier, are ultimately responsible for payment for all the services rendered in our office for your child.

More questions about insurance?

For an excellent Glossary of Dental Insurance Terms you can click on the following links:

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